Safety Training

AMS Group guarantees our customers peace of mind by reducing risk through our nationwide, single supplier industry training solutions.  We are a one call service with focus on “Right First Time”

As an employer, you have obligations under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 to train and supervise your employees to ensure that they do not cause harm to themselves or other people

Trained staff are critical to your organisation’s risk management strategies. They are essential for your company to remain competitive. Up to date standards and knowledge, fully implemented, reduces risk, insures against penalties and can minimise lost revenues when operating within such a compliance sensitive environment.

“because fines can now be substantially higher than they were in the past it is even more important for employers to ensure that they have Health & Safety systems in place”  Webb Ross Lawyers

Utilising AMS’ extensive industry resources and experienced NZQA accredited assessors, each with extensive, practical industry knowledge, we provide your organisation with flexible, practical solutions to compliment your unique training needs. Our partnership philosophy provides you with the opportunity for tailored courses to be conducted at your facility, allowing you to suggest the most appropriate training dates and avoiding staff being off-site.

The benefits of using  AMS for your staff training.

A single point of contact for all your compliance and safety training needs. We have an extensive network of trainers in a range of specialist areas. . You don’t have to go anywhere else.

National Coverage We have a number of branches, trainers  and training facilities across the country. We run regular scheduled course at our main training sites.  These courses are detailed on our website and can be booked on line.

Onsite Training  Where numbers permit we will come to you anyway in the country at a day and time that suits you.

Training records Management  We will manage your staff training requirements for you using our  training database. We will contact you when training is due and schedule ongoing training as required. A monthly report will tell you what training is due for which staff members.

Risk Assessment  Our qualified team will identify the areas of compliance and safety risk within your business. We will then tailor a training package to reduce this risk and ensure your business remains compliant.