TRAC Training Records Manager

Training Management Software to keep your staff highly skilled and qualified

The AMS Training Manager (TRAC) has been designed and built by AMS so that companies can manage the training requirements of their own staff using one simple online program.

Every staff member in the organisation who has a requirement for one-off and/or recurring training should be placed in the system.

Scheduled courses are established within the system and staff members can be added to each course.

Once the training requirements are set for each staff member, the training coordinator will be reminded of the training that is coming up and training which is still outstanding.

TRAC ensures that companies do not lose track of vital training and that managers are held accountable for completing training for these staff.

Setting up the TRAC system with AMS Group is easy.

  1. Company set up. Define branches, training location and training catergories and course types
  2. Define the training matrix. What are the roles with the company and what are the training requirements for each role
  3. Data entry. Load staff records into TRAC
  4. Reporting. Set reporting requirements to measure in TRAC

AMS can also maintain the TRAC system for you if required.

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