Pre-employment screening with AMS People

Making the right people selection decisions

Making the right people selection decisions is about so much more than just a person’s skills. We all know that other attributes such as natural talents, fit, values, and self-awareness are just as important – but how do you look for or measure those qualities?

AMS Group has formed a partnership with Zeteo, leaders in predictive behaviour modelling, to provide a robust screening tool for assessing potential employees.

Unlike other selection processes, the Zeteo program integrates the emotional and practical (behavioural) sides of the candidate and the job – providing accurate insight for making the right selection decisions. Most other screening tools just look at the behavioural aspects.

Our pre-employment assessment provides a combination of two assessment reports: General Employability Screen and Mini DISC Behaviour report.

General Employability Screen

This part of the assessment assigns a level of risk to the following key attributes:

  • Works With Others. This capacity measures the ability to see and appreciate the needs and interests of others and the ability to deal with others in a concerned but objective manner.
  • Gets Things Done. This section measures the ability of an individual to focus energy on tasks and follow them to completion dealing with the stresses and strains without losing freedom of action.
  • Knows What To Do. This capacity measures a person's ability to decide what issues are relevant and need attention including intuitive insights, practical, common sense and conceptual abilities.
  • Job Related Attitudes. This capacity measures a person's general work ethic and work attitudes indicating ability and willingness to take direction and work within organizational standards.

The report also suggests useful interview questions to help find suitable candidates for employment.

View sample report

MINI DISC behaviour report

This is the DISC style Assessment that measures observable human behaviours.

What do we mean by behaviours? Think of them as the delivery vehicle we use to transmit our ideas, concepts and most importantly, our decisions to other people.

The DISC model has been used over 50 million times and has been found to be very accurate in its ability to reflect how we prefer to interact with others. 

The four behavioral factors measured by the DISC model are:

  1. Dominance
  2. Influence/Extroversion
  3. Steadiness/Patience
  4. Compliance/Following the rules

The intensity of each factor and how they combine and interact with each other define and power our unique behavioural style.

What to do next

Simply send us an email and we will send you login details for your candidate to complete.

Reports will come back to us within two hours of being completed. We will forward these to you immediately and follow up with a phone call to take you through the results.

The cost of the assessment is $150+gst. Payment is required in advance.