Forklift Licence & Forklift Training Courses

Get your NZTA Approved Forklift Licence Training in One Day!

Forklift Training  - Forklift Licence

There are two types of forklift courses available or a single combined forklift training course consisting of two parts:

Forklift Operators Certificate - Refresher are also available for the OSH (Operators Safety & Health) Certificate.The OSH Operators Cert requires a refresher every 3 years for the certificate to remain current. 

Forklift Training NZ Wide

AMS Group offers both qualifications nationwide at one of our branch locations or we provide training onsite at your location in your working environment.

AMS Group forklift licences are NZTA approved, giving you confidence that you're getting the right training.

All forklift training courses can be completed in one working day.  

Saturday Forklift Training Courses Now Available!

AMS Group is offering a Saturday Forklift course for both the F Endorsement and the OSH Operators Cert in the following locations:

Manage worker time away from the job, and reduce the cost of downtime and cover for attending training.  Book today!

Good Forklift Operators Will Save Time & Reduce Cost

A trained forklift operator is the key behind ensuring the most effective and safe use of forklifts in the workplace. Having a trained and certified forklift operator requires a Forklift Operators Certificate as a minimum and if driving on a road, an F endorsement on their licence.

For those companies that have dispatch, materials management and stock warehousing, there is a risk of being adversely affected by a lack of forklift training. Once staff are trained it is important to consider best practice with the refresher of the Operators Certificate. As well as the potential for accidents, fines and penalties, there are many benefits for businesses to have properly certified and trained forklift operators.

The key benefits of having trained forklift operators are:

  1. Time saving
  2. Risk reduction
  3. Reduced inventory loss
  4. Less machine damage
  5. Increased confidence of the staff
  6. Overall cost reduction

For more useful information about forklift training and forklift licence requirements, please refer to the following information websites: