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NZ's Leading Fleet Driver Risk Management Training - Online

  • About 30 deaths per year are work-related traffic fatalities – making this the largest single category of work-related deaths in NZ
  • At work, drivers have crash rates 30 - 40% higher than other drivers

With such risk, every business must identify, assess and control the risks associated with vehicle use. This includes non-commercial drivers or anyone that needs to use a vehicle in the performance of their duties.

Convenient Online Risk Assessment & Training

AMS Group’s new online driver risk assessment and training is designed to assist in meeting these requirements or managing driver risk in the workplace.

AMS Group’s Fleet Safety training programme offers organisations that have many drivers the ability to understand their driver risks and proactively improve safety and driver competence. This reduces downtime, staff can complete the programme at their own pace, and the assessments are transparent and easy to report.

Companies can choose from three options to meet there needs:

Enterprise Risk Assessment

The Enterprise Risk Assessment measures higher-level driving skills – these are the ones scientifically proven to be most directly related to crash risk. They’re the skills ​​we use as drivers when we assess risky situations, look around for hazards and decide how to manage scenarios. The risk ratings are based on data taken from over 15,000 drivers so you can be sure they’re accurate and meaningful.


If you want to address an identified risk with any or all of your drivers, or you simply want to ensure everyone’s had driver safety training, Essentials is the programme for you.

Its focus is on building those higher-level driving skills that are crucial for minimising crash risk on the road. You’ll even get a bonus specific skills module on Distraction and Inattention.


Premium is for organisations who want to provide thorough training to their drivers – not just tick the ‘manage risk’ box.

As well as an initial Skills Check, Premium includes the full Skills Awareness course, regular modules on specific driving skills, and an annual refresher to keep your users’ skills up-to-date.

It comes with a full reporting suite, which gives you a high-level overview of how your staff are performing – as well as being able to see detailed training results for individual users.

How it works

AMS Group has a dedicated Fleet Safety administration team to manage the process for you, sign your team to the portal and provide you with insights on team progress and reports.

Your team learn at their own pace and can access the programme on all devices from mobile and tablet to desktop. The modules are managed automatically with email notifications sent to direct to your team. Management has full transparency and is able to monitor and assess the progress of the team. AMS Group's Fleet Safety programme is affordable, yet it offers a return on investment that will impact the bottom line.


As the programme is customised for requirements, please contact us to discuss the right Online Fleet Safety programme for your operations.

Contact Us for a Demo

If you would like to know more about the system and how it will benefit your organisation, please contact us. One of the AMS Group Fleet Safety team will be in contact and will be able to set up a demo for you to log in and view the training system.

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Scheduled Course Locations

Please note that courses are available at a number of AMS Group branch locations, these are listed below. If there are no course locations shown below, courses can be arranged to be delivered at your place of work. Contact us to  find out more about our on-site training options available for this course or enquire below.