Dogman: Sling Complex Loads

After an industry review with, unit standards 16617, 3789 and 3800 will require unit 30072 as a pre-requisite.

Overview: 3801 Sling complex loads for crane operations  

This course is designed for industry operators currently working on sites where cranes are operating and where there is a requirement to communicate with the operators at a more advanced level where they are operating with complex or irregular loads. These will include building and construction, large scale manufacturing and processing, ports and stevedoring operations or any other environments that requires the use of cranes.

Complex loads are also referred to as irregular loads have one or more of the following characteristics – unequal weight distribution, eccentric loading, irregular shape and proportions, with or without set lifting points.

Course Content

By completing this course, and based on the trainee's practical experience, at the end of this programme, trainees will be able to apply theory and skills in slinging complex or irregular loads This course is based on coaching and assessment only and is designed for trainees with experience in slinging complex loads. The assessment will be completed within the work environment.

People credited with this unit standard are able to:

  • Describe the purpose and use of types of lifting equipment
  • Select lifting equipment and apply sling and lifting gear to the load
  • Select and apply packing and dunnage to crane lift situations
  • Prepare and sling complex loads
  • Identify factors affecting the safe operation of the crane

This course is based on industry best practice and based on the equipment on the worksite and relevant company procedures. For more information on Crane operation and codes of practice, please refer to the links below:

Please note that if you are looking to provide your workers with training, AMS Group has training only options available, refresher training and options for operational evaluation (verification of currency). Please contact us to find out more.


  • Unit Standard 3789 - Sling and Communicate Loads during Crane Operation.
  • Be 16 years of age or over
  • Applicants for whom English is a second language must meet IELTS (or equivalent) Level 5.0 (General Training). Proof of this will be required. 
Please note: Please note that unit standard 3789, now requires 30072 as a pre-requisite. If trainees do not hold 3789, then both units 30072 and 3789 will be required for entry into this unit. These courses are available from AMS Group. Please contact AMS Group to discuss your options.
Please refer to the terms and conditions for more information on these course pre-requisites

NZQA Unit Standards Included

AMS Group's Dogman Complex Loads Course meets the requirements of the following unit standard.

Unit Standard Title Credit Value
3801 Sling complex loads for crane operations 25


2 Days

If you have any inexperienced team members that do not reach the 3 months experience prerequisite, AMS Group is able to offer training only options, with coaching and assessment completed at a later date. Find out more about your training options.

Attendance Capacity

Minimum of  5 and a Maximum of 5 Trainees


Course Fees: POA This is an on-site course option only. Cost will depend on the specific requirements for course delivery 

Important Note

If  you are looking to provide your workers with training, AMS Group has training only options available where workers lack experience.  Other training options include refresher training and options for operational evaluation. Please contact us to find out how we are able to assist with all training, coaching and assessment within your operation.

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