Adult Education

Training and assessing adult learners is a specialised skillset. In many cases training others forms the professional development loop for a person - alongside coaching, mentoring, assessing competency, and evaluating competency along a skill pathway.

As an Adult educator your role can be to:

  • Train other people (on the job and off the job)
  • Coach other people
  • Supervise and verify others to complete documentation towards their assessment
  • Assess competency of a learner
  • Design assessment resources to validate competency decisions
  • Moderate assessment design and decisions for industry.

AMS Group can help you develop your skill set of training and assessing competency in New Zealand’s workforce.

Thinking of expanding your skill set? Consider these options:

Becoming an Assessor – in the workplace or via another institution

As a learner, you need to be ready to sit assessment, and to give it your all. It’s your job as an Assessor to make clear, fair and valid assessment decisions. As an Assessor your skills are vital to the trainee’s experience, and their future learning pathway.

Training adults

Helping generations of people to perform better at their jobs, while enriching every aspect of their life is truly rewarding. Having the tools and knowledge to help people to understand core components of their job, while performing them safely is a skill worth developing. Our Train the Trainer selection of courses help you to apply adult learning theories into real learning scenarios. You will learn to develop your own effective style that is unique to you.

Designing good assessment and training resources

A specialist skill set, often in high demand in the New Zealand educational industry. Designing assessment is a rewarding job – where you close the loop on good training, and assessment practice. Good assessment design leads to good assessment decisions.

Moderating assessment

Ensuring robust quality practices take place that support competency decisions is another specialist skill well-trained assessor’s exhibit. Another specialist area that sees graduates able to moderate across New Zealand in specialist subject areas.

We offer a range of training delivery modes to get you to the course and completed. This includes:

  • Public workshops regularly available in main centres across New Zealand
  • On site courses delivered at workplaces
  • A Distance Programme for assessment, assessment design and moderation that caters to the more experienced assessors, designer’s and moderators that wish to verify this skill set by completing the Distance programme and compiling a portfolio for submission to our team.