NZQA Working At Heights Safety Training


This course is NZQA Accredited.

Where employees perform work above three metres, the employer is responsible to ensure that staff performing that work are trained (whether that is done internally, or using an external training provider) on how to work safely and use the equipment safely according to manufacturer and OSH standards.

Regulation 21 of the HSE Regulations is the source of the often-quoted “three metre rule”. It is mistakenly believed that no controls are needed where a person faces a fall of less than three metres. That belief is wrong and ignores the overarching duties in the HSE Act.

The Height Safety course has been designed to give trainees both the theoretical and practical knowledge and awareness of height specific hazards, including:

  • Hazards associated with different work at heights (e.g. roofers, scaffolders, window cleaners, construction/builders, maintenance workers and inspectors)
  • Hierarchy of Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint
  • Fall distances vs forces exerted on the body
  • Suspension trauma
  • Isolation of height hazards vs minimisation
  • Appropriate PPE
  • Health & Safety in Employment Act, Regulations & Amendments (2002) and their impact on the height safety industry

The course objective is provide participants with the knowledge and awareness of hazards at working at heights, set-up requirements and the impact that appropriate fall arrest systems have on improving workplace safety. The course is specifically written to include the contents of NZQA unit standards.

NZQA Unit Standards Included

17600 Explain Safe Work Practices for Working at Height (One day course when conducted by itself)  (3 credits)
23229 Use a Harness for Personal Fall Protection When Working at Height (Pre-requisite for 15757) (4 credits)
15757 Use, Install, and Disestablish Proprietary Fall Arrest System when working at height ( 4 credits)


Elective Unit Standard

25045   Employ Height Safety Equipment in the Workplace - Can be run in the place of 15757 in the two day course. (4 credits)


One or Two days.

Attendance Capacity

Two Day Course: Minimum of 6 people


Two Day Course

$500 + GST (per person)

Refresher Course

$350 + GST (per person)

Note: Registration of NZQA credits on record of learning - $4.50 + GST (per credit).

Special Notes

Two Day Course: This course includes theory and practical training

Scheduled Course Locations

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