Port & Stevedoring Training

National Certificate in Stevedoring and Ports Industry (Cargo Handling) | Level 3 - 59 credits

The holder has basic literacy and numeracy, can drive, work safely in a port environment, and is able to demonstrate knowledge and skills in a range of cargo and/or port machinery operations as required by local circumstances.

Examples of cargo operations and port machinery operations are container unpacking and packing, handling cargo on and off a vessel, receiving and delivering cargo, cleaning wharves, equipment and spillages, marshalling, using machinery on board vessels, operating a towing prime mover for RoRo operations, carrying out signalman duties, operating ship's gear, operating a straddle carrier, operating a lift truck, operating a wharf gantry crane, and assisting in mooring operations.

This qualification is only offered as a work based program given the practical requirements of the course.

For more information visit the NZQA Website.

Scheduled Course Locations

Please note that courses are available at a number of AMS Group branch locations, these are listed below. If there are no course locations shown below, courses can be arranged to be delivered at your place of work. Contact us to  find out more about our on-site training options available for this course or enquire below.