Truck Loader Crane - Hiab Courses

After an industry review with, many of the crane unit standards have been updated. AMS Group strive to keep at the forefront of industry changes and as such will adopt the newest version of these units from May 1st 2018. In some cases the pre-requisite requirements will be updated.


All persons operating or working with a crane must hold the following applicable Unit Standards as a minimum qualification and preferably hold the relevant New Zealand Certificate in Crane Operation.

The minimum requirement for operating a truck loader crane is unit standard 16617 or 3795. See the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's Code of Practice for Cranes.

People who successfully complete this course will meet the requirement of unit standard 16617 (15 credits) and will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of company procedures and requirements for lifting practices and truck loader cranes.
  • Describe the functions of critical components and equipment used for lifting, and select lifting equipment and sling load.
  • Lift and place loads with a truck loader crane.
  • Secure the crane and prepare the truck for road transport mode, stow equipment, and complete documentation.

This course includes theory and practical training. We offer these unit standards as part of a New Zealand Certificate in Crane Operation - Truck Loader Crane.

Special Note About Course Numbers

Truck Loader Crane - Assessment against unit standard 16617 –  In order to provide safe and effective training, AMS Group is committed to meet industry best practice, which in this case make it clear that training providers must comply with the requirements of the Industry Training Organisation (The Skills Organisation) and the Crane Association of New Zealand.

The maximum number of assessments against unit standard 16617 to be carried out in one day will be dependent on the experience of individual candidates, but in any case should not exceed six (6) in any one day by an individual assessor.

Please refer below to numbers related to refresher only training.

Experience Pre-Requisites

The Skills ITO specifies that all new operators should have at least 6 months training under supervision or until they are competent and feel confident with all operations of the Truck Loader Crane - Hiab.  

Please note that if you enrol for the programme without this experience pre-requisite you may be excluded from training until such time that you have the required experience. Please refer to our terms and conditions related to our cancellation policy.

Additional Pre-requisites

  • Be 16 years of age or over
  • Applicants for whom English is a second language must meet IELTS (or equivalent) Level 5.0 (General Training). Proof of this will be required. 
Please refer to the terms and conditions for more information on these course pre-requisites


One Day

If you have any inexperienced team members that do not reach the 6 months experience prerequisite, AMS Group is able to offer training only options, with coaching and assessment completed at a later date. Find out more about your training options.


Course Fees

$603.75 + GST (per person)

Course costs include all learning materials, reference guide and completion certificate. Costs also include registration of unit standard credits with NZQA. 

Refresher Training Option

There is a refresher option available for workers that have already completed unit standard 16617 Use a truck Loader Crane To Lift and Place Loads. Registration of NZQA credits is not required for the refresher training.  If you require refresher training only for your team the maximum course numbers increase to 8 trainees.

Refresher Course Fees

$525.00 + GST (per person)

Course costs include all learning materials, reference guide and completion certificate.

Special Note

Discounts may apply for group bookings or on-site bookings for this training, contact us today.

Scheduled Course Locations

Please note that courses are available at a number of AMS Group branch locations, these are listed below. If there are no course locations shown below, courses can be arranged to be delivered at your place of work. Contact us to  find out more about our on-site training options available for this course or enquire below.