Fleet Safety Online Training 

NZ's Leading Fleet Driver Risk Management Training  - Online

  • About 30 deaths per year are work related traffic fatalities – making this the largest single category of work related deaths in NZ
  • At work drivers have crash rates 30 - 40% higher than other drivers

With such risk, every business has an obligation to identify, assess and control the risks associated with vehicle use. This includes non-commercial drivers or anyone that needs to use a vehicle in the performance of their duties.

Convenient Online Training & Monitoring

AMS Group’s new online driver risk training is designed to assist in meeting these requirements or managing driver risk in the workplace.

AMS Group’s Fleet Safety training programme offers organisations that have number of drivers from cars and light commercial vehicles, understand their driver risks and proactively improve safety and driver competence – and it’s all online. This reduces down time, staff can complete the programme at their own pace and the assessments are transparent and easy to report. This is a 4 step process that includes:

  • Risk Identification  
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Monitoring

Once the risk identification process has been completed, the online programme is then set up to cater to the areas of risk for each driver. Easy!

Proven System for Fleet Management

This is a proven driver training system. This fleet safety programme from Fleetcoach has been developed through breakthrough New Zealand research based at Waikato University. This is reinforced with  legislation, statistics and high-definition footage of actual traffic hazards in NZ.  

Hazard Perception Evaluation

Hazard Perception Evaluation is an interactive assessment too used to identify risk and and ensures that the driver is assigned the relevant training modules. This may differ for each driver too.

The Hazard Perception evaluation is based on interactive video to deliver relevant regional content, with real video footage shot on your roads. As users are guided through the programme, they navigate each of the scenarios, identifying the hazards. Once completed they will be provided with percentage an evaluation score. These results will determine the modules assigned to the driver in the education programme.

Driver Training Modules

The system is divided into 24 safe driving modules, with each only taking 20 minutes to complete. Using a lot of interactive video, these modules are designed for all types of learners and address relevant topics identified in the hazard perception testing above, including:

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Intersections
  • Speeding
  • Hazard identification
  • Tired Driving
  • Distracted Drivers
  • Drug and Alcohol Impairment
  • Lane Changing

How it works

AMS Group has a dedicated Fleet Safety administration team to manage the process for you, sign your team to the portal, provide you with insights on team progress and reports.

Your team learn at their own pace and can access the programme on all devices from mobile and tablet to desktop. The modules are managed automatically with email notifications sent to direct to your team. Management have full transparency and are able to monitor and assess progress of the team. AMS Group's Fleet Safety programme is affordable yet it offers a return on investment that will impact the bottom line.


As the programme is customised for requirements, please contact us to discuss the right Online Fleet Safety programme for your operations.

Contact Us for a Demo

If you would like to know more about the system an how it will benefit your organisation, please contact us. One of the AMS Group Fleet Safety team will be in contact and will be able to set up a demo for you to login and view the training system.

Other Fleet Safety Services & Courses

You may also be interested in our Fleet Safety Defensive Driving Programme and In-Cab Driver Assessments from Class 1 to Class 5. Please contact us to find out more about these options as they will be launching soon.

Scheduled Course Locations

Please note that courses are available at a number of AMS Group branch locations, these are listed below. If there are no course locations shown below, courses can be arranged to be delivered at your place of work. Contact us to  find out more about our on-site training options available for this course or enquire below.