Fleet Safety Defensive Driving Workshops 

Customised defensive driving for your team - delivered on your site by our experts!

The facts you need to know

  • Drivers over 40 represent about 40% of all road deaths in New Zealand
  • Economical driving can reduce the cost of fuel by as much as 20%

Even your experienced drivers need to refresh and update their driving knowledge and every business has an obligation to identify, assess and control the risks associated with vehicle use. 

Delivered Onsite

Experienced drivers are the hardest to convince that they don't know everything and that their driving skills are beyond reproach.  With AMS Group's  Fleet Safety Defensive Driving programme, we strip this back and help your team understand that no driver is perfect and we can all be making improvements from our techniques to our attitudes.  Forearmed is forewarned.  

You are not sending your team to another location, they will learn in an environment that they are familiar with. This will enable the relationship with their driving to the work environment to be transparent and connected.

What Will Your Team Learn about Defensive Driving

This defensive driving programme explores a number of different topics with your team.  These are all contextualised to the environment in which they operate day to day.

The fundamental role of the driver is to gather and process information to make a decision.  This defensive driving programme will give the driver the ability to make the best decisions in the situations they are faced with. 

This programme includes:

  • Understanding the causes of crashes and who is affected
  • Searching and scanning techniques
  • Understanding of personal risk
  • Critical rules for safety and reducing risk
  • Driving Distractions  - what are the distractions experienced by your team
  • Eco Driving
  • Dealing with fatigue and stress
  • How differences in vehicles and roads affect driving skills

The participants then complete a practical exercise specific to your company vehicles.

Real Experiences Real Team Engagement

Yes, it is important that your team understand the fundamentals of defensive driving, their driver risks and proactively improve safety and driver competence.  But what if they are working in remote locations on difficult roads, what if they are only in rural locations?  What if they are driving vans or utes and not cars?  You want to make sure that the guidance and information is relatable to what your team do every day, including eco driving techniques for what they do most often.  If they can relate to the information and the trainers, your team will be more likely to adopt safer driving practices.

The Course Process

Once you book the training, our experts will visit with you onsite to discuss the factors that will impact the driving of your team.  Following this, the course material and presentations will be contextualised for your work environment.


1/2 Day Delivery


POA. The cost  of delivery will depend on the course requirements and customisation of the content. 

Other Fleet Safety Services & Courses

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Scheduled Course Locations

Please note that courses are available at a number of AMS Group branch locations, these are listed below. If there are no course locations shown below, courses can be arranged to be delivered at your place of work. Contact us to  find out more about our on-site training options available for this course or enquire below.